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Individual Leadership Coaching

LeadersWork Coaching Program

This is a structured coaching and feedback program that can quickly help a person gain insight into his or her leadership, and then create and follow-through on a specific plan to enhance effectiveness, credibility, and personal satisfaction. As a package, the program includes:

• Introduction and brief style assessment
• Development of key questions to be answered and appropriate feedback sources
• Anonymous feedback interviews by the coach
• Comprehensive written report
• Specific, doable action plan
• Creation of an ongoing support system

For price and more detailed information on
LeadersWork, please download this pdf file.

I have formally coached leaders for the past twenty-five years in virtually all aspects of personal and professional development. I serve as a supportive, truthful sounding board, helping people discover a new knowledge of themselves and enter new ways of speaking and acting.

The coaching process most often begins with a brief, free-of-charge conversation about goals and interests, and a check to make sure coaching is the best approach. Once specific goals are clear, we agree on the best schedule -- some clients prefer to a more intensive short-term process, others talk regularly, such as twice a month, and others simply as the need arises. Of course, our conversations are entirely confidential. I am open to a variety of formats in addition to
LeadersWork, from an hour or two of conversation with individuals who have found me on the web to an ongoing relationship as colleague and advisor over many years.

• One-on-one assistance to executives, managers, supervisors, project managers, and professionals who want to enrich their skills, presence, and personal directions

• Tailored to address essential professional, business, and personal life issues, especially where these issues are intertwined

• Challenges of transition, change, and personal growth addressed in the context of a broader life experience

• Coaching available in person, by phone, or email

• Regularly scheduled or on an "as needed" basis

• Frequently work with leadership issues such as courage, vision, expressions of personal alignment and power, finding and generating satisfaction and fulfillment in work

Gifted Coach • Committed Champion • Identifies the Real Issues • Inspires Confidence

"Dan is a gifted coach who has inspired in me great confidence. Each time we meet, I come away with the sense that I can take meaningful steps to improve my work and achieve my dreams. I always know that I have a talented and committed champion "in my corner." He asks me to step up and do tough work. He helps to identify the real issues--from broken trust to tired old habits--that get in the way of meaningful progress. He always seems to know what will help. I have recommended him to a number of my most trusted friends and colleagues, and I do so without hesitation."

-- Krista Goldstine-Cole, CEO & Senior Thought Partner, Ken! Inc, Washington State

Models Continuous Growth • Source of Inspiration and Renewal • Offers Unparalleled Opportunity for Personal Growth

“Dan consistently models the courage, vulnerability and continuous growth - or unfolding - that is required of great leaders. He first introduced me to the notion of "undiscussibles" - and their poisonous effects in the workplace - and has guided me through the discovery of many of my most profound insights ... often during times of crisis or great challenge (when those insights are most needed). His blog is a perpetual source of inspiration and renewal, though working with Dan 1:1 offers an unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional growth.”

-- Joe McCarthy, Senior Researcher, Intel