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Leadership and Management Skills Training

A critical component of change is offering opportunities for people to learn, adapt, grow, and absorb new skills. Training, to me, is almost never the whole answer -- but it is certainly a very good place to start when people are not sure how to do what is being asked of them. The skills taught must be sound, and the teaching must be engaging, but just as vital are the opportunities for real interaction and the chance to air the issues that have been on peoples' minds. A good training session is about individual learning and team learning, and it is also about organizational learning. A good trainer is passionate and knowledgeable about the material but also savvy about the issues that a training session can surface, helping those who come for information leave excited about the chance to create the workplace they desire.

• Basic and advanced training for groups in personal and organizational leadership, collaboration, conflict management, facilitation, meeting management, change management, delegation, working with differences, and other critical skills

• Highly interactive training methods using adult learning principles for groups large and small

• Highly customized to each organization's needs but applying universal principles of effective leadership and management

• Linked to overall strategies and values essential to organizational success

• "Train the trainer" sessions available for most topics

• Popular workshops include:

- Building a High-Trust, High Performance Workplace
- Speaking Up Successfully at Work
- Coaching and Constructive Feedback
- Living the Brand: the Three Tasks of Leadership
- Claiming Your Freedom: Exercises in Organizational Courage
- Discussing the Undiscussable
- Keys to Effective Collaboration
- Leadership in Place: Core Practices for the Personal Journey
- Appreciating Temperament and Style Differences
- The Personal Transformation of Leadership

• I design these sessions to balance theory with practice and create a specific fit with the client’s goals. Sessions generally run one half-day to two days in length. However, many also serve well for keynote speeches. Please see this page, for more explanation of content, and please do not hesitate to be in touch via phone or email with questions about these or other potential topics, session length, methods, and price.