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Team Learning
Team Learning

I work with teams to release the wisdom, energy, and collaborative potentials of all members. Team members, if they are going to be effective collectively, need a refined sense of common purpose and contribution (why do we meet?) and mutual trust in one another. They often need to identify their real ground rules and establish openly the performance expectations they hold -- or should hold -- with one another. These steps, in turn, enable members to begin a shared journey of mutual growth and development.

My approach varies with the assignment, but usually begins with an assessment of the team's underlying issues in order to creating a common understanding of the group's strengths and challenges. I facilitate key meetings, observe, and also teach sound meeting management and process skills.

With less functional groups, I often work with the "undiscussables" that are undermining trust and productivity. (Undiscussables are issues that members talk about with others but are hesitant to address directly with those who can do something about the problem.) I serve as a skilled sounding board for both members and the team's leader as they engage in the conversations they most need to have.

I also use the
Team Trust Survey that I created as a free tool for managers and teams.

• Interventions to create breakthrough communications, openness, trust, creativity and accountability in group settings

• Facilitation of new roles and relationships, for individual members or the group as a whole

• Combines individual development with group development

• Customized to meet specific team problems and strategic opportunities

• Helps people manage organizational and personal changes constructively, transforming conflict into synergy

• Experience: executive, managerial, supervisory, staff, cross-functional, project teams

• Customized retreats of every kind to further business strategies and improve workplace dynamics

Effective Facilitation

“Dan served as a moderator for an National Postdoctoral Association event and helped us to resolve a 3-year-old issue in just one day!”

-- Crystal R Icenhour, Ph.D., President, Phthisis Research, Charlottesville, Virginia

Understanding of Human Nature • Business Acumen

“Dan is the best facilitator that I have worked with in my 28+ years of public accounting practice. He uses his his depth of understanding of the human nature, along with a healthy dose of business acumen to help groups move forward.”

-- Chris Strand, MST, CPA/PFS, Principal, Bader Martin, PS, Seattle, WA