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Organizational Assessment

Changing an organization's culture demands skillful inquiry into the relationship of work systems to "people systems," including coaching, performance management, organizational design, role clarity, communications, appreciation for diversity, and many other aspects of human resource practices. My work begins with developing data through interviews, focus groups, and survey ratings to help clarify the leverage points for productive change. Whether my assignment is to work with a single team or a whole organization, my approach is serve as an organizational mirror for the facts, perceptions, feelings -- and wisdom -- of people, and to facilitate leadership understanding and action. Using both standard and self-created organization development tools, I work with members throughout the workplace community to release their leadership potentials and develop the internal and external strategies most essential to market-place success.

• Analysis of structures, systems, and programs for effectiveness, efficiency, and congruence with stated organizational values
• Combines collaborative problem-solving with independent consultant observations and recommendations
• Balances traditional diagnostic/problem-solving approaches with an appreciative inquiry into the best ways to build on organizational strengths
• Effective implementation of systems improvements viewed as an essential measure of leadership and consultant effectiveness

Insightful • Carefully Crafted Work • Heart and Genius

“Dan is a highly insightful and powerful change agent. Have used Dan with great success, many times, with small groups (~5) and large (divisions) on issues that range from getting the best from functional teams, to interventions in the most disfunctional environments. His work is carefully crafted to fit the specific need of a situation and not at all canned. His approach has heart and genius. I carry the "Performance Dimensions for Emerging Leaders" document Dan developed for our organization in my folio and reflect on it often prior to coaching others.”

-- Han Nachtrieb, Vice President Human Resources, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington