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Keynotes and Other Presentations

My presentations are designed to be engaging and thought-provoking catalysts to conversation from the Boardroom to the water cooler -- and back again.

The following topics are samples only. I don't do "one size fits all." Instead, I work with organizations to build targeted and provocative presentations that address the immediate, changing demands that affect the evolution of a particular workplace at a particular time.

“Claiming Your Freedom: Exercises in Organizational Courage” – emphasizes why courage is such a critical organizational value (along with vision, ethics, and a strong sense of reality) in overcoming a “default culture” of blame and competition. Takes participants through the process of designing and executing one personal act of organizational courage to be completed after the presentation or workshop.

“Driving Fear Out of the Workplace”
-- summarizes the award-winning, co-authored book of the same name. Explores the research and major methods managers can use to create a trust-based, high performance work place. [There are a number of potential presentations on organizational culture change, overcoming cycles of mistrust and “discussing undiscussables.”]

“The Courageous Messenger” -- summarizes key points from the co-authored book of this name. Covers how to effectively prepare to share tough information with peers, employees, and managers while protecting key relationships.

“Leadership in Place: Core Practices for the Personal Journey”
– workshop emphasizes six foundations for effective leadership: 1) knowing your personal leadership challenge, 2) giving and receiving feedback, 3) self-care, 4) enhancing influence with others, 5) discussing undiscussables, and 6) effective collaboration.

“The Path of Integrity: Authentic Action as a Leader” – covers the process of self-development of leadership skills, including defining one’s itch to grow, asking oneself challenging leadership questions, overcoming internal “voices” that lower esteem and risk-taking, and dealing with the shadow sides of integrity.

“Positive Coaching Skills for Leaders” – provides frameworks and practice for managers who need to focus on assisting good employees, not just those who have problematic performance that requires disciplinary action. Participants see demonstrations of non-directive and directive coaching and have a chance to both experience coaching and offer it, with feedback, to others.

“Living the Brand” – focuses on “discrepancy management” – that is, dealing with the often “undicussable” gaps between the stated brand, vision, mission and values of an organization, and its day-to-day cultural realities. The program focuses on two primary skills for all in the workplace: the courage to speak up, and the courage to listen.